Our Story

My name is Kristina Leigh Wiggins and I am a busy mom of two precious girls and the founder of LIL&TESS by SKL Apparel, LLC.  Unfortunately, my youngest daughter has a mosquito allergy that is well, flat out awful!  I grew tired of there being no great solution to help me protect her from the horrible mosquitoes. We would constantly try to keep her inside (and keeping a small town Texas girl inside is a tall task!) or we would dress her in long sleeves and leggings and even if they were made of a thin material we would risk her overheating under the blazing sun. My husband and I finally decided it was up to us to solve this problem, so birthed The protective layers by LIL&TESS! The clothing is not only fashionable but offers the perfect solution to protecting you from those nasty, annoying and downright dangerous mosquitoes, ticks, and other biting insects!  To learn more about how the garments work please click here!


Our Commitment

We promise to be good listeners, we will be kind to our friends, we will be honest and tell the truth, we will keep our word, we will share our lunch money and always do our best!